With the holiday season almost over the Perfect Day Tent has made good progress in completing the program of the 13th European Convention of the Sons of the Desert. Here are some results:

The first night of the Convention (June 7th, 2019) will have a festive opening: a mix of Hawaiian Hula Luau and Rock ‘n Roll.
For your education and amusement we booked the dance group Orchidee and the rock band Dean and the Moonboys.

In between a tribute to Laurel & Hardy will be delivered by one of the youngest members of Perfect Day. It won’t be for him, but the hotel bar and casino will be open till after midnight.

The day will start with in-house registration at the Avifauna Hotel from 1PM (13:00). When you‘re early you won’t be bored during the afternoon. We hope to have a L&H-exposition in the Parrots Room (‘Papagaaien Zaal‘ in Dutch) and in the projection room you can watch Laurel & Hardy talkies and documentaries. And don’t miss the (free) guided tours of the delightful bird park that surrounds the hotel and partycenter, where we will have our first meal (a buffet and toasts) from 6:30PM.

Of course all this is still subject to change. There’s still almost nine months to go and it’s impossible to say how exactly the baby will look like. But the necessary bookings and agreements have been made!

In further newsletters we will inform you about details of the Saturday and Sunday program. Soon we hope to present you with a questionnaire on extra excursions and the convention poloshirt.

As of today (September 9th) 89 people have registered. Here is a list of rooms still available at the Avifauna Hotel.

Rooms for 2 persons ‘Economy’: 17
Rooms for 2 persons ‘Comfort’: 6
Rooms for 3 persons ‘Economy’: 4
Rooms for 3 persons ‘Comfort’: 1
Rooms with 4 beds (‘family rooms): 8

We’re sorry but single rooms are no longer available. However, there is a waiting list for people who apply for single occupancy. It’s possible there will be vacancies in the first quarter of next year or later.

Untill now registrations came from Belgium (BE), Germany (DE), Greece (GR), Netherlands (NL), United Kingdom (UK) and United States (USA)
Remarkable: no less than 11 sons and daughters will hail from the USA and 16 belong to one and the same Tent: the British Saps At Sea!

The next newsletter will be published in November.

In the meantime, we will be glad to answer all your questions. Just email info@laurelandhardyconvention
We are Robert Radevan, Anton Huyps, Piet Bommer and Bram Reijnhoudt.