Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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Dear Conventioneers,

Will we reach the 200 mark before the end of 2018? At the moment the number of registrations stands at 117!
It will be a truly international company. Convetioneers hail from Belgium (7), Switzerland (2), Germany (22), Greece (1). Italy (3), Netherlands, (39), UK (27) and USA (16)!

All this means that just a few rooms are still availabe at the Avifauna convention hotel. Here’s the score:

7 ‘Economy’ rooms for 2 persons (375 euro p.p.)
4 ‘Comfort’ rooms for 3 persons (420 euro p.p.)
4 ‘Comfort’ family room for 4 persons (ask)

The deadline for early birds has been extended to January 31st. From February 1st the convention fee will be 425 euro p.p. (economy) and 470 euro p.p. (comfort)

Included in the convention fee are 3 nights hotel and all meals and activities, except one lunch and two optional excursions in Amsterdam.

Early January you will recieve a questionnaire pertaining to the optional excursions in Amsterdam and some other issues, such as the official convention polo shirt, dealer tables (free) and the possibility of a trip to the Laurel and Hardy Cafe in Zandvoort for early arrivals on Thursday evening.
If you have NOT recieved the form at the end of January, please contact us at Please check your junk mail first.


Seating won’t be guaranteed

We can now confirm that we will cross the centre of Amsterdam in a historic streetcar. Coaches will take us to the city’s edge (47 kilometers), where the ancient tramcar will be waiting to take us to Rembrandt Square, very close to the Tuschinski Theatre.


In previous newsletters we detailed the convention’s program for Friday and Saturday. This one is about the itinerary for Sunday, June 9th: the day trip to Utrecht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherands, dating from Roman times. In the words of The Lonely Planet: ”Perhaps it’s the lure of Amsterdam that leads people to forget Utrecht. Whatever the reason, this graceful city is bizarrely under-visited. Its old town is encircled by a medieval canal, and you can hop on a boat tour to visit the city’s bustling, vibrant wharves. Built to connect the canalside with Utrecht’s impressive townhouses, today these unique spaces are filled with bohemian cafes, shops, restaurants and bars.”

Coaches will take us in the morning to a park just outside the city moat: an excellent spot for pee-wee (42 kilometers). When play is over, boats will arrive for a cruise over the unique medieval canal system. We disembark near the Louis Harlooper Complex. This is an impressive building from 1927 in the style of the Amsterdam School. Once a police station, it’s now a cultural centre and cinema. On one of its screens we will show a Laurel or Hardy solo tworeeler that has been rediscovered and conserved in the Netherlands in the recent past. With live music and live ‘explanation’ in honour of Mr. Louis Hartlooper who was a famous ‘explanator’ when movies were silent.
After lunch in the foyer of the LH Complex it will be free time in Utrecht.
The coaches will return to our hotel in time for the festive closing night of the convention. Dinner will be served in the combined Ostrich and Falcon Rooms of the party center, followed by a fancy dress party, live music and more.

We’re lucky to have Ton van den Berg on board for this trip. He is a long-standing member of Perfect Day, attending the convention, and also an officlal city guide of Utrecht!

That’s all for now! As always, we wil be glad to answer all your questions! Just write us at

Fraternally yours.